Subtle Samplers Registration

Subtle Samplers Registration

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Welcome to the Subtle Samplers Fabric of the Month Club registration for 2021! This club is everything classic and vintage. Perfect for projects that needs a more traditional color. Enjoy!

Pricing is as follows:
1/8yd- $11
1/4yd- $22
1/2yd- $44

1/8yd- $12
1/4yd- $24
1/2yd- $48

1/8yd- $13
1/4yd- $26
1/2yd- $52

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE. You will be invoiced monthly for your selection. If you register after the 5th of the month, you will not receive an invoice until the following month. Please ensure that your email address is correct and it is one that you check frequently as this is the method in which we send them.

*Photo of fabric on a white background*